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Tips for Baby's First Year



Newborn pics are best when done between 1 to 2 weeks old if possible.  They are still sleepy during this time and let us work with them more.  After 2 weeks, they wake up and stretch out.  Keep the clothing simple.  I love naked or just bloomers.  Keep in mind that collars bunch up around their chins.  Of course, parents can be in these portraits too as well as siblings!  Blankets and special toys are welcome.  I am open to any ideas you may have.


3 months:

I will focus on their smile at this age.  Somtimes they are able to hold their head up when on their tummy at this age, so we will try that pose.  Again, collars at this age doesn't work well.   They will only smile for a little while for me, so please don't over stimulate them on the way here (I know that is hard).  Save those smiles for the session!  :)


6 months:

I like for them to be sitting up at this session, so it may be closer to the end of 6 months or even into 7 months.  Now is the time for overalls or collars.  Again, you can bring your own props.  


9 months:

Some babies are standing while holding onto a chair by this age, so we will try to focus on this pose.  If they aren't standing yet, don't fret!  We will still get some cute pics!  Holding onto mom's and/or dad's hands while stand is also a cute pose at this age. 


1 year:

The one year mark has come!  You can bring a cake and balloons, decorations, etc if you wish to make mess!  I also have the letters o-n-e to add to some of the shots.  I will get some poses of them standing on thier own if they are able.  Pinterest ideas are welcome too.


*  Siblings can be in one or two of the sessions.  I have found that newborn and 9 months works best.  At 3 months, they get cranky when held by another child and 1 year they sometimes want to "take off" and not sit still for long!  :)


*  If you don't have matching shoes, don't worry, bare feet are cutiest anyway!  Babies usually only go for about 2 outfit changes, but please feel free to bring several and we can work with what I have to get the best portaits!


2 & 3 year olds:  Bring a couple of outfits and your patience!  Most of them like to do thing their way (if you haven't noticed!)  So, to sit in a chair and pose for very long, if at all, is asking a lot.  So, I hope to capture their personality and maybe they will be still for a few great shots!  I love close ups and I try to get their cute faces even if they are not looking at me. 


Tips for Family photos

Everyone always wants to know what colors look best.  Of couse, white, black, tan and denim look great, but if you want to go with a color, that is fine too.  Just keep it simple.  If you choose blue, everyone's shirt does not have to be exactly the same color blue.  Color schemes are fine, just stay away from lots of patterns.  Mom may wear a pattern and then the others wear a color to match, but not more than one should wear a pattern.  It is distracting.


Tips for Seniors 

I like for my senior to bring about 10 outfits.  We probably won't use all 10, but it gives us more to work with.  This session is 2 hours and includes studio shots and we will go a few places locally to shoot.   Please feel free to bring any props to make this session fit your personality!  Don't forget the jewelry and the shoes!  

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